Professor of Economics

Born on 24 May 1946 in Nowy Sącz. In 1969 completed economic studies at the Higher School of Economics in Wrocław (from 1974 the Oscar Lange Academy of Economics). From 1969 Academic Researcher of this school; initially an Assistant (1969-1970) and next Senior Assistant (1970-1976), Assistant Professor (1976-1986) and Associate Professor (1986-1993) at the Institute of Economics. Assistant Director at the Institute of Economics (1987-1990), Director of the Chair of Macroeconomics (from 1990), Dean of the Department of National Economy (1995-1999); Rector of this school since 1999.

Received the title of Doctor in 1976, a second doctorate in 1986 and the title of Professor of Economic Studies in 1995; received ordinary professorship in 1998.

In the years 2000-2004 served as Senator of the Republic of Poland; Chairman of the Senate Committee of State Treasury and Infrastructure (2001-2004).

The author of more than 120 academic publications including 4 monographs, an academic manual and around 10 unpublished reports for governmental institutions. He concentrates in his academic research on the theory of economic growth with a particular reference to measuring public welfare, issues of domestic fiscal and monetary policy in their economic aspect, environmental protection in its economic dimension.

Member of the Rotary Club International in Wrocław; President of the Rotary Club Wrocław (2001-2002); President of the Main Management Board of AZS (2001-2003).