NBP winner of the prestigious international Excellence in Currency Award for COIN

Narodowy Bank Polski is pleased to inform that the coin exchange service provided by the self-service coin deposit devices in NBP Regional Branches was the winner of the prestigious Excellency in Currency Award.

The award, which was granted by central banks and coin manufacturers affiliated to the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA), was presented during the Coin Conference in Amsterdam, the world’s largest conference on coin issuance, production and logistics.

The winners of the awards are selected via voting of all the members of the International Association of Currency Affairs. Narodowy Bank Polski won first place in the category “Best New Coin Product, Feature or Distribution Innovation”, beating Japan and Canada, which were also finalists in this category.

“NBP was appreciated for launching the coin exchange service in its regional branches and for the openness of the central bank to the needs of the citizens,” said Prof. Adam Glapiński, Governor of Narodowy Bank Polski. “On behalf of the Management Board of NBP, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the people and institutions that voted for NBP. Winning first place thanks to the opinions of experts from international financial institutions is a special honour. I congratulate the staff of NBP, but also other institutions nominated as well as the winners of other categories,” added Prof. Glapiński.

Since the launch of the service in January 2021 in all NBP regional branches, 240,000 people have used the service, depositing 350 million coins of a total nominal value of 190 million zloty, which confirms without a doubt the huge interest in this innovative solution.

The service allows clients to independently perform coin deposit transactions in the device and then receive their equivalent value at the cash desk of the regional branch in higher denominations. The client can also select the option of crediting the equivalent value of the deposited coins to a bank account with the use of the instant mobile payment system BLIK (this is possible in the case of banks which have activated access to this service).

Detailed information about NBP’s award-winning service can be found on the Narodowy Bank Polski website (nbp.pl).

More information about the award: Winners of the IACA Excellence in Currency Awards for COIN Announced | International Association of Currency Affairs