Table no. 037/A/NBP/2023 of 2023-02-22

Current average exchange rates of foreign currencies in zlotys defined in § 2 para. 1 and 2 of the Resolution No. 51/2002 of the Management Board of Narodowy Bank Polski of 23 September 2002 on the way of calculating and announcing current exchange rates of foreign currencies (Dziennik Urzędowy NBP of 2022 item 10 and 21):

Currency nameCurrency codeAverage exchange rate
Australian Dollar1 AUD3.0482
Baht1 THB0.1292
Brazilian Real1 BRL0.8647
Bulgarian Lev1 BGN2.4306
Canadian Dollar1 CAD3.2975
Chilean Peso100 CLP0.5561
Czech Koruna1 CZK0.2005
Danish Krone1 DKK0.6385
Euro1 EUR4.7538
Forint100 HUF1.2381
Hong Kong Dollar1 HKD0.5696
Hryvnia *)1 UAH0.1258
Iceland Krona100 ISK3.0889
Indian Rupee100 INR5.3941
Malaysian Ringgit1 MYR1.0061
Mexican Peso1 MXN0.2420
New Israeli Shekel1 ILS1.2125
New Zealand Dollar1 NZD2.7790
Norwegian Krone1 NOK0.4327
Philippine Peso1 PHP0.0810
Pound Sterling1 GBP5.3971
Rand1 ZAR0.2441
Romanian Leu1 RON0.9650
Rupiah10000 IDR2.9396
Singapore Dollar1 SGD3.3356
Swedish Krona1 SEK0.4308
Swiss Franc1 CHF4.8176
Turkish Lira1 TRY0.2368
US Dollar1 USD4.4687
Won100 KRW0.3423
Yen100 JPY3.3123
Yuan Renminbi1 CNY0.6482
SDR Int'l Monetary Fund (I.M.F.)1 XDR5.9465

*) the UAH/PLN exchange rate of 29th July 2022