Andrzej Sławiński

Professor of Economics

Professor of Economics

Born on July 31,1951 in Warsaw. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) (1973). Doctoral studies at SGH (1974-78). From 1979 scientific researcher at SGH. Doctorate in international finances (1979). In the years 1990-1992 scholar at the London School of Economics and Carleton University in Ottawa. Assistant professor’s thesis on stabilisation policy in emerging countries (1993). Obtained the title of professor in 1996.

Chairman of the Scientific Board of Polish Economic Society (PTE). Member of the Economic Studies Committee at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) and of the Polska 2000Plus Committee on the Presidium of PAN.

Author of numerous domestic and foreign publications. In the 1980’s he concentrated on issues of implementing International Monetary Fund stabilisation programmes. In the 1990’s published studies on the functioning of the central bank in the environment of developing financial markets in Poland. In the second half of the 1990’s published mainly on the functioning of derivatives markets and on currency crises in emerging countries. Three books of which he was author or co-author have been singled out with the MEN award: Stabilisation Policy and Balance of Payments (1992), Open Market Operations (1995) and Currency Crises (2001).

Conducts lectures at SGH on monetary policy and financial markets.