Professor of Economics

Born on November 1, 1951 in Cracow.

After completing his secondary school studies at XII Liceum Ogólnokształcące in Cracow, he took up his studies at the Cracow University of Economics. After obtaining an MA degree in 1973, he was employed as a Trainee at the Cracow University of Economics and later advanced his career there; he obtained Ph.D in 1982, Second Doctoral Degree in 1990, and the title of Professor of Economics in 2001. Since 1992, Head of the Chair of Macroeconomics at the Cracow University of Economics.

Since 1993 employed at the Institute of Economic Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) in Warsaw.

Member of the Economic Science Committee at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) (since 1994), member of the presidium and Vice-Chairman of the Economic Science Committee at the Polish Academy of Sciences (as of 1996). Member of the editorial committee of “Gospodarka Narodowa” (from 1993) and Editor-in-chief (as of 1997), member of the editorial committee of the “Ekonomista” journal (from 1994).

In the years 1993-1996 participant at the Public Planning Council of the Central Planning Office. Participant at the Macroeconomic Council to the Finance Minister (from February 1998 to June 2000).

As of November 1994, member of the Council for Social and Economic Advancement Strategy at Poland’s Council of Ministers and, as of January 2003, member of the Central Commission for the Academic Degrees and Titles.

Member of the presidium and the Vice Chairman of the Scientific Council at the Polish Economic Society (PTE) (from 1994), member of a group of Economic Advisors to the President of the Republic of Poland (from 2002).

Author of numerous publications and books issued by Polish and foreign economic publishers, inter alia: Nowoczesne państwo kapitalistyczne a gospodarka. Teoria i praktyka (The Modern Capitalist State and the Economy. Theory and practice) – the book was singled out by Polish Economic Society for Prof. E. Lipinski award in 1992, Szkice o niezależności banku centralnego (Essays on the Independence of a Central Bank) (1998), Ewolucja keynesizmu a główny nurt ekonomii (The Evolution of Keynesianism and the Mainstream Economics) – in 2001 the publication was singled out for the Bank Handlowy award for outstanding accomplishments in the theory of economics and finance.

Attended many international academic projects at the University of Amsterdam, Cambridge University and Stanford University.

Married with a daughter.