Providing banking services to the State budget

Narodowy Bank Polski provides banking services to the state budget in the scope laid down in the Public Finance Act

Narodowy Bank Polski provides banking services to the state budget in the scope laid down in the Public Finance Act

Narodowy Bank Polski provides banking services to the state budget in the scope laid down in the Public Finance Act. NBP operates, among others, the central current account of the state budget and the current accounts of the state budget-entities, including the offices providing services to tax authorities and the state special-purpose funds managed by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the President of the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS). Moreover, subject to the consent of the Governor of NBP, the Bank operates accounts of other legal persons pursuant to Article 51 (1) (4) of the Act on Narodowy Bank Polski, as well as accounts of other entities holding statutory authorisations to open accounts with NBP.

Narodowy Bank Polski keep accounts in Polish zloty and in foreign currencies. Since Poland’s accession to the European Union, NBP has operated accounts for handling funds transferred from the EU, and EU funds resulting from Poland’s membership contribution.

The state budget accounts are operated with the use of an electronic banking system (“NBE”). NBP has a certified quality management system conforming to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, for providing banking services via the electronic banking system, which ensures that the account holders are offered high quality services and a high level of customer service. The NBE system is characterised by high mobility and a high level of security. System functionalities are made available via the www browser and on mobile devices, without any additional software being installed at the account holder’s premises.

Direct connection of the electronic banking system with the Integrated Accounting System of Narodowy Bank Polski (ZSK NBP) facilitates cash management by the account holders and improves financial settlements. The ZSK NBP system allows on-line recording of the operations performed between the bank accounts held by NBP, and thus the collection of up-to-date information about the account balances and operations.

The operation of bank accounts of some clients (i.e. the State Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance, the common courts) is performed via the B2B (Business To Business) intersystem interface, which ensures a modern system of communication between the account holder and NBP, and a high level of data transfer security. The ZUS contribution account is also operated via the B2B interface.

Detailed information on the systems used for the operation of bank accounts at NBP may be found under the following link located in the lower part of the web page.

Narodowy Bank Polski ensures support services for the NBE system users in the scope of the system maintenance and bank account operation. They are available via telephone (0 801 111 000), by e-mail (, or directly in the NBP electronic banking system.

Providing services to bank account holders is considered as one of the central bank’s critical functions whose continuity has to be ensured. The NBP Business Continuity Plan includes activities which ensure the resumption of these functions from a back-up location, should a threat arise preventing access to the NBP Head Office or the Regional Branch in Warsaw or should the NBP Staff be required to leave the two facilities.

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