Communiqué of Narodowy Bank Polski

Narodowy Bank Polski hereby notifies that, acting pursuant to Article 304 § 2 of the Act of 6 June 1997 – Code of Criminal Procedure (Journal of Laws of 2022, item 1375), on 15 July 2022 notifications were submitted of a suspicion that a criminal offence was committed by Donald Tusk and Tomasz Siemoniak in connection with their public statements made on 2 July 2022 asserting that the appointment of Prof. Adam Glapiński as Governor of Narodowy Bank Polski was illegal, along with the warning to remove Prof. Adam Glapiński from the post by force, which is in conflict with the principle of the independence of the central bank laid down in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, the Act on Narodowy Bank Polski and legal acts of the European Union. In particular, it may be classified as an attempt to influence the official activities of the constitutional body of the Republic of Poland by unlawful threats.