Professor of Economics

Born: 22 September 1950, Pozowice, Poland.

1973 – graduated from Krakow University of Economics, subsequently employed there at various posts from trainee assistant to professor.

1989 – 1992 – lecturer at the Institute of Finance in Warsaw.

Member of the Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (1994-1995), Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Privatization (1994-1996), Member of the Securities Commission (1995-1996), President of the Board at Bank Przemysłowo-Handlowy S.A. (1995-1997); Professor at Małopolska Higher School of Economics (1996-2002); member of the Supervisory Board at the Export Credit Insurance Corporation (1995-1996).

Mr Czekaj is employed by Krakow University of Economics as head of the Capital Market Unit (since 1998), director of the Research Centre for the Financial Sector (since 1999) and holds the Chair of Capital Market (since 2000).

2002-2003: deputy finance minister, deputy president of the Banking Supervisory Commission and the Supervisory Commission for Insurance and Pension Funds.

Mr Czekaj is the author of numerous articles, books and expert opinions of a scientific and educational nature on, among other things, the functioning of the capital market, company financial management in a market economy and transformation processes in a command economy.