Doctor of economics

Jerzy Pruski was born in Pabianice on March 15, 1959. He graduated in economics from Lodz University in 1983, and in 1989 earned a Ph.D. in economics. Since 1983, he has been a lecturer at the Department of Economics of Lodz University. In 1989, he completed a research internship at Oslo University, and in 1990 a one-year course at Windsor University in Canada. He has participated in numerous Polish and foreign research programmes on monetary policy and banking system. The main focus of his academic work lies in macroeconomics, finance and banking. In the years 1991-97, he worked at LG PetroBank, holding a number of posts including that of Vice President of the Management Board. Appointed by the Parliament in 1998, he was a member of Narodowy Bank Polski Monetary Policy Council till 2004.

On 25 March 2004 Mr Aleksander Kwaśniewski, President of the Republic of Poland, at the request of Mr Leszek Balcerowicz, President of Narodowy Bank Polski, appointed Mr Jerzy Pruski as First Deputy President of NBP.