Stanisław Owsiak

Professor of Economics

Professor of Economics

Born on February 26, in Krosno.

Graduate of the Cracow University of Economics; since 1970 scholar at the University; he advanced his academic career from the position of an Assistant to Ordinary Professor; Ph.D in Economics (1976), Second Doctoral Degree (1984), Professor of Economics (1992). Attended many foreign internship and academic programmes.

In the years 1989-1993 Deputy Director of the Finance Faculty and since 1993 head of the Chair of Finance at the Cracow University of Economics. In the years 1996-2002 he held the position of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and International Cooperation in his alma mater. Since 1992, tenure professor at Jagiellonian University Medical College.

Vice Chairman of the Council for Social and Economic Advancement Strategy advising Poland’s Prime Minister (1994-2004). Since 1999, member of the Economic Science Committee at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). In the years 1990-2004 expert in the Committee for Economic Policy, Budget and Public Finance and the Economic Committee at the Poland’s Sejm (the lower house of the Polish Parliament), member of the Public Planning Council (1994-1997), advisor to Poland’s Prime Minister (1996-1997), member of the Budget Supervision Commission advising Poland’s Finance Minister on matters related to the violation of public finance discipline (1999-2002), member of the Central Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles advising the Prime Minister (since 1999), member of the Bank Guarantee Fund Supervisory Board (2003-2004).

His academic interests focus mostly on the theory and practice in finance, public finance, fiscal policy, financial sector and transformation of Poland’s economy. Author of over 150 academic publications covering these areas, issued both in Poland and abroad. Long time lecturer. He assists development of academic faculty (e.g. as a promoter of doctoral dissertations, reviewer of doctoral and habilitation dissertations, reviewer of motions for academic titles).

Married, has two children.