NBP Governor appointed member of the Nicolaus Copernicus Academy

During the World Copernican Congress held in Toruń on 19-21 February 2023, NBP Governor, Professor Adam Glapiński, was appointed member of the Nicolaus Copernicus Academy.

During the ceremony inaugurating the Academy, the NBP Governor took part in a debate together with representatives of seven other central banks.

The World Copernican Congress is the culmination of the celebration of the 550th anniversary of Nicolaus Copernicus’ birth. During the ceremony the Nicolaus Copernicus Academy was inaugurated. The legal basis of its operation is the Act on the Nicolaus Copernicus Academy defining the general framework of governance of the Academy. There will be maximum 120 members of the Academy appointed by the President of the Republic of Poland upon proposal of Academy Chambers. The first members of the Academy were appointed by the President of the Republic of Poland on the proposal of the Minister of Education and Science, and the nominations were handed out  by Minister Przemysław Czarnek.

“Our main goal is to guide the educational programme of the Copernicus School of Higher Education, which will deliver lectures at all levels in economics, management and finance. Half of the Council members are foreign professors and half Polish professors who also have professional experience in public institutions as well as international experience. We want lecturers from all over the world, the best ones from leading universities and academies to come here, we want students and doctoral students to have contact with everything that is most recent, best known and globally renowned We want this university to reach the highest standards of the best American, British or German universities,” said Professor Adam Glapiński after being appointed member of the Chamber of Economic and Management Sciences.

On the second day of the World Copernican Congress, Professor Glapiński took part in the debate of central banks’ governors: “Central banks in the times of the pandemic and rising prices of energy commodities”. The debate was also attended by representatives of the central banks of Sweden, Croatia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Belgium and Romania.

On the last day the Congress will host  an economic debate “Sources of Poland’s economic success and challenges for the future”. The debate will be attended by Prof. Jacek Kotłowski, Dr. Magda Ciżkowicz-Pękała, Prof. Cezary Kochański and Prof. Leon Podkaminer.

The main task of the Academy is to implement the National Copernicus Programme involving the financing of scientific research, supporting the Copernicus School of Higher Education ,organising the World Copernican Congress, conferring the Copernicus Awards and appointing members of the Academy. The Academy will organise conferences, symposia and seminars. International cooperation will be an important aspect of the Academy’s activity.