Poland’s reserve assets in May 2023

NBP data: At the end of May 2023, Poland’s official assets, managed by NBP, stood at EUR 165.2bn, or 176.2bn in US dollar terms.

On 7 June 2023, NBP released the monthly data on the country’s official reserve asset holdings. According to the release, these holdings expressed in euro terms amounted to EUR 165.2bn at the end of May 2023, i.e. EUR 3.2bn more than at the end of April 2023. In US dollar terms, the reserve holdings decreased by USD 1.9bn, to stand at USD 176.2bn.

In managing foreign exchange reserves, Narodowy Bank Polski – while striving to maximize the return on the assets – gives priority to their safe investment and the requisite level of liquidity. NBP invests in typical instruments used by central banks. The bulk of the reserves (almost 71.1%) is invested in Treasury securities as well as securities issued by international institutions and government agencies. The remainder of the reserves is held in the form of term deposits at banks with a high credit standing and in monetary gold.