“In Poland I Believe” – “The Polish Family”: inauguration of a new NBP series of collector coins

On 10 May 2023 Narodowy Bank Polski put into circulation a silver collector coin “In Poland I Believe” – “The Polish Family”.

A silver collector coin “In Poland I Believe” – “The Polish Family” will be available on sale as of 10 May 2023. The coin inaugurates a new series devoted to Poland – its meaning in the lives of Poles.

The silver coin with a face value of 10 złoty is made of silver, its diameter is 32 millimetres and it weighs 14.14 grams. It has been minted in up to 10,000 pieces and is available at the price of PLN 220.

The reverse of the coin presents a family in the children’s drawing style. On the obverse of the coin, there is a symbolically presented housetop in the colours of the Polish flag above figures of parents with children.

The concept of homeland is imbued with values relating to universal social and family ties, which are closely associated with the culture of the milieu where generations after generations are raised. To quote Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, Primate of Poland, “the family is the cradle of human life and development. Its stability, faith and moral strength.” A loving, supportive family – whose enduring ties provide a sense of security – becomes the “power of the Nation”.

Poland conceived as the Homeland – a community of people attached to traditions cherished in the families for generations – has been and is able to overcome any adversity. The history of Poland proves that families raising their children in the respect for national traditions and values protected the country against Germanisation and Russification, and in the last century – also against communism. “The Homeland – a Family of Families” – these words of the Primate inscribed on the coin accurately encapsulate the interconnection between the concepts.

The silver coin “In Poland I Believe” – “The Polish Family” can be purchased at NBP regional branches and in the NBP online shop Kolekcjoner.

More information can be found in the brochure.

NBP collector coins and banknotes are sold in commercial packaging with an attached certificate. 

The next issue is scheduled on 22 May 2023. On that date Narodowy Bank Polski will be putting into circulation a collector coin “Discover Poland” – “The Vistula Spit Canal”, with a face value 5 złoty.


Contact for collectors: e-mail kolekcjoner@nbp.pl, tel. +48 22 185 17 05

Contact for the media: e-mail press@nbp.pl, tel. +48 22 185 20 12


About NBP

Narodowy Bank Polski holds the exclusive right to issue banknotes and coins in Poland. All currency issued by NBP – including collector banknotes and coins – is legal tender in Poland. Issuing collector items is an occasion to commemorate important historic figures and anniversaries, as well as to develop the interest of the public in Polish culture, science and tradition.

High-resolution images of the coin: https://nbp.pl/en/collector-coins/